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Meet Chika! July 2, 2010

B.A. Anthropology, 2008  B.A. Journalism, 2008 M.S. Journalism, 2010

My name is Chika Oduah. I am a master’s degree student at the Medill School of Journalism of Northwestern University. In June, I graduated with my classmates and 2 weeks later, travelled to Kenya for my final quarter at Medill. In Kenya, I’ll report at K24, Kenya’s first 24-hour news station (http://k24.co.ke/). For three months, I will join the staff as a reporter.

All my life, I’ve aspired to tell stories, African stories that will paint a more vivid picture of Africans to the world. A more accurate portrayal. That’s why journalism is the career I’ve chosen to pursue. I’m young. I’m new. And I’m fresh with ideas, eager to see what stories have yet to be told. For me, it all begins in Kenya.

For more info about me, visit: www.chika-oduah.com 


24 Responses to “Meet Chika!”

  1. John Dubbie Says:

    Wow, this is going to be an interesting blog. your style of writing is beautiful, poetic and very inviting. i look forward to reading the updates.

  2. J. Wanguri Says:

    Hi Chicka! I love your blog! It’s amazing. Keep it up

  3. Dan Says:

    Beautiful woman. Beautiful writer. Good work! I’ll past this blog to my students.

  4. Temitope Ogunro Says:

    Nice, and beautiful work from a great journalist! Looking forward to read/see more from that beautiful country.

    Have fun in Kenya !

  5. Marggie Says:

    Chika it is good I can only add go go gal u got what it takes May God keep you strong in the rough terrains of the Kenya ‘s road

  6. Enuma Says:

    Wonderful to discover this. Thanks for reaching out Chika.


  7. ossy okonkwo Says:

    Very good job Chika. I am proud of your work in Kenya. God’s
    blessing and guidance while in Kenya.

    ossy okonkwo

  8. Julian Says:


  9. prince pilgani Says:

    like your courage girl.go make us proud.

  10. Ola Says:

    U’re a source of inspiration to this generation. I just read ur article on SR. Keep it up

  11. A. Udoh Says:

    I’m a Nigerian but residing in Turkey. I frequent Kenya because of the nature of my activities. Unlike you, I never thought so much before about Kenya but was captured the first time I set my foot on that country. It’s amazing. I always want to be there. Infact, I see that country as my second home in Africa. Already, I have got 1000 trees planted there for me so far. The weather is good, the terain nice, the people are friendly and morever, the environment is wonderful. I am planning to make there, my permanent home.
    I would like to meet you, next time you are there.

  12. aduloju adekunle Says:

    hi sister,got to know about you from the comment you posted on cara blog .am presently in ibadan nigeria same city with cara,kelvin and lauren
    hope you had a good time in kenya?have you ever been to nigeria at all? you can add me on facebook

  13. David Says:

    You are very very beautiful! Are you married, i want to marry a smart and very brave woman like yourself. My coworker showed me this website and I like it. You have so much talents and skills in writing and journalism. Let us keep in touch.

  14. I read your interview with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and will like you to read mine on korlokinews.wordpress.com or http://www.articlebase.com titled “Why I support Nuhu Ribadu for President” Asante.

    Zents Sowunmi
    Author “Before the Journey became Home” , “What Happened to Our Democracy” and “100 ways to Laugh”

  15. Collins Ikegwuonu Says:

    Hi Chika, its such a wonderful thing coming across someone that can really report the true situation of things in the African continent. The Western media has always potray Africa as a continent of disease and poverty. I enjoyed reading your blog and i will like you to do a story about different cultures in Nigeria.

  16. Danny Oko Says:

    Reading your interviews and reportings is quite soothing and exhilarating.It’s like taking a smooth sail in a hovercraft down a gentle-flowing river.You have a number of trajectories in your favour-you’re young;armed with good education;and indulging your passion(journalism),I mean,your natural calling.Journalism is a vintage profession through which one can affect,change and make a society become more self-aware.Surely,you’re a young girl with a mission.Please remain untiring and steadfast because,there is always a reward for hardwork.I wish you all the best in your chosen vocation.

  17. ike Says:

    Refreshingly defferent!

  18. Charles Says:

    Hi Chika, I found this blog as I was looking for my former classmates online from Mureru primary school..Am A Nyeri man who was born there and raised there and resides there to this day and I work as a guide in Mt. Kenya! Am going to be your greatest fan ever from this region…Any thing you want to know about the place, be free to ask and ill answer you to my level best..All the best as you to cover this place, and continue to enjoy our traditional meals..

  19. wambururu Says:

    Hi Chika; welcome to Kenya. I will be looking out for you on K-24. I wish you success in your career and peace of mind in your stay in our beautiful country. I like you style of putting words next to each other; nice blog. can’t find the follow button!!!!!?

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